Moon Petal Perfume Oil Sampler

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Our newest scent blend as a luscious and fragrant perfume oil!

Hand blended in our studio using high quality USA-made synthetic fragrance oils and soothing fractionated coconut oil, this enchanting perfume comes in a tiny sampler bottle.  This little glass bottle with serum dropper holds about 2ml of our Moon Petal perfume oil so that you can test it before buying our full bottle.

If you love it, you can also buy it in the sweetest 15ml glass heart shaped bottle with real flower petals and mica suspended within the perfume oil.  This Victorian inspired glass bottle features a stainless steel roller to let you easily roll a bit of this lovely perfume on your wrists.

The Scent...

Hand blended in our studio, Moon Petal transports you to a petal-strewn moonlit garden path surrounded with night blooming violets and jasmine.  A dewy, lush and yet soft scent, it’s as if we captured moonbeams and night blooming petals in a perfect fragrance oil blend.  Subtle hints of bergamot, cedar and sap balance the florals perfectly.

This sampler bottle comes safely packaged in a bubble pouch for you.

IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of our perfume oils, we cannot accept returns on them, so we always suggest trying a sample from us first. Also, we can only ship our fragrance oil within the United States.